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What Is Music Video Production & How Are They Made?

person recording a video for Music Video Production
person recording a video for Music Video Production
person recording a video for Music Video Production

May 17th, 2024

Arib Khan

Music video production can be challenging but incredibly rewarding, offering a platform for artistic expression and creativity. Whether you're a musician looking to elevate your career, a filmmaker eager to take on new challenges, or a fan who can't get enough of the music you love, music video production provides a unique blend of technical wizardry and creative freedom. 

Mastering the art of video production can help you bring your music to life in ways you never thought possible. Let's explore the ins and outs of music production - from concept to completion!

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What Is Music Video Production?

man recording a dance - Music Video Production

Music video production is creating a short film or video that complements a song or album. It combines the music with visual imagery to enhance the listening experience and promote the artist's work. The concept of syncing visuals with music emerged in the 1920s with the introduction of sound technology in films. 

Short musical films were sometimes shown alongside theatrical screenings. Music videos serve two main goals: promotion and artistic expression. They generate excitement for new music, boost sales, and build the artist's image. They can also be a creative outlet to visually interpret the song's theme or tell a unique story.

Explaining music production software

Musicfy is an AI Music generator. The tool enables you to create your voice clone. You can make AI music with AI voices so that your song is free from copyright—with zero royalties. Musicfy uses a custom AI model that combines two different voices to create a unique voice that no other human has. 

This protects Musicfy users from copyright laws. It also has a flagship feature that allows you to create the sound of an instrument with your voice (instrument voice - generate the sound of a guitar and get the exact guitar sound created for you in seconds)! 

The biggest feature is text-to-music. It enables you to describe a style of music and instrumentals and use AI to create the entire song in seconds - from voice, to beat, to everything that makes up a song! Use Musicfy’s AI voice generator for free today!

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Complete a Step-by-Step Guide On How To Use Musicfy's AI Music Production Tool

If you can't wait to use Musicfy's Free AI Voice Generator, you can try out 1000+ celebrity voices, like:

You can use all of these voices and 1000+ more for free today on!

Video Guide

Written Guide

1. Download An Audio File or Find A Youtube Link For A Song That You Want To Use for A Voice Over or An AI Song Cover

2. Go To

You will land on this page

Musicfy AI - Music Production

3. Upload Your Audio File

You can upload the audio file, or you can upload a Youtube link

Upload Audio File:
Musicfy AI - Music Production
Upload Youtube Link:
Musicfy AI - Music ProductionMusicfy AI - Music Production

4. Optional: Click 'Advanced Settings' To Customize Your Remix

Musicfy AI - Music ProductionMusicfy AI - Music Production

5. Choose The Artist That You Want To Use For The Cover

Let your imagination run wild - the possibilities are unbounded ⬇️

Musicfy AI - Music ProductionMusicfy AI - Music Production

6. Click the 'Generate' button

Musicfy AI - Music ProductionMusicfy AI - Music Production

7. Click 'Download' and You're Set To Go!

Musicfy AI - Music Production

8. Post On Socials and Go Viral 🚀

Let us know if you have any questions. We're happy to help the next generation of innovators.

The Different Styles of Music Videos

person in a music video - Music Video Production

Let’s dive into the following styles of Music Videos:

Performance-Based Music Videos

Performance-based music videos are a fantastic way to showcase the artists and their band's raw talent. When the music video is focused on the live performance of a song, audiences can appreciate the musicianship and stage presence of the performers. The main goal behind performance-based music videos is to highlight the authenticity and passion of the artists as they perform their songs.

These music videos focus on the artist and the band as they perform the song live. The video typically features shots of the band members playing their instruments, the lead singer belting out the lyrics, and the group coming together in unison to create the music. Performance-based music videos can also include a live audience, enhancing the energy of the performance and making viewers feel like they are part of a live concert.

Narrative Music Videos

Narrative music videos tell a story that complements the song's lyrics or theme. They are often like mini-movies, with a clear beginning, middle, and end, and they can feature a variety of characters and settings. The storyline of the music video can be a metaphor for the song's message or simply a representation of the lyrics.

In narrative music videos, actors are often used to portray the characters in the story, and the band or artist may or may not make appearances in the video as well. The focus is on telling a compelling story that captivates the audience and enhances the emotional impact of the song.

Conceptual Music Videos

Conceptual music videos take a more abstract approach to conveying a song's message. In these videos, visuals and imagery are used to evoke emotions, create a unique mood, or convey a particular message. They are often highly artistic and visually striking, as they aim to create a visual representation of the song's themes and emotions.

These music videos can feature many abstract visuals, from dream-like sequences to symbolic imagery to surreal landscapes. The goal of conceptual music videos is to create a visual experience that complements the music and enhances the listener's understanding and appreciation of the song.

Animated Music Videos

Animated music videos use animation techniques to create the visuals instead of live-action filming. These videos can feature various animation styles, from hand-drawn animation to computer-generated graphics to stop-motion animation. Animated music videos are a great way to create visually stunning and imaginative visuals that capture the essence of a song.

The possibilities are truly endless in animated music videos, as artists can create fantastical worlds, magical creatures, and otherworldly landscapes to complement their music. Animated music videos are often surreal and whimsical, creating a visual experience that transports viewers to another realm and enhances the listening experience.

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How Music Videos Are Made In 3 Steps

lighting for Music Video Production

1. Brainstorm & Plan (Pre-Production)

The filmmaking journey always begins with brainstorming and planning. In this phase, we toss around ideas to create a concept and roadmap called a treatment. This stage is about visualizing key scenes through storyboards, creating a realistic budget, and assembling the best team of professionals to make the vision a reality. 

Hiring the dream team plays a crucial role at this stage. Camera operators, stylists, and more are brought on board during pre-production to ensure every aspect of the production is covered.

2. Lights, Camera, Action! (Production)

Filming is where the magic truly happens. The director calls the shots, actors, and dancers perform their roles, and the camera captures every bit of it. Production is a whirlwind of creativity and collaboration. It is the phase where all the planning and brainstorming come to fruition. A successful music video directly results from everything coming together harmoniously in the production phase.

3. Editing (Post-Production)

After the filming is done, raw footage is transformed during the editing phase. Editors diligently stitch the footage together to create the perfect sequence. Colorists then take over, adding vibrant hues to set the mood. Special effects come next, adding an extra touch of fantasy to the music video. Sound mixing is paramount throughout this phase to ensure that the music and visuals are perfectly balanced, creating a cohesive and engaging music video.

Create Viral Music In Seconds For Free with Musicfy's AI Music Generator

Musicfy is the ultimate AI music generator because it harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to help users create unique music. One of the standout features of Musicfy is its ability to generate AI music with AI voices. This means you can make your voice clone to sing over the music you produce, giving you complete control over the composition process. 

This feature also ensures that your songs are free from copyright issues. Musicfy uses a custom AI model to combine two different voices, resulting in a unique voice that cannot be copyrighted. Using Musicfy, users can rest assured that their music is safe from legal complications.

Text-to-Music Functionality

Another remarkable feature of Musicfy is its text-to-music functionality. This groundbreaking feature allows users to describe the style of music and instrumentals they want, and Musicfy's AI will generate an entire song in seconds. 

From the vocals to the beat, Musicfy can create a complete song based on the user's description. This revolutionary feature streamlines the music production process and allows users to generate high-quality music tailored to their preferences quickly.

Voice to Instrument Technology

Musicfy also offers a flagship feature that allows users to create the sound of an instrument with their voice. Through voice-to-instrument technology, Musicfy can replicate the sound of any instrument based on the user's vocal input. 

Musicfy can create the exact instrument sound for you in just a few seconds, whether you want the sound of a guitar, piano, or drums. This feature adds another layer of customization to the music creation process, allowing users to produce truly unique tracks.

Overall, Musicfy is a game-changer in the world of music production. By leveraging the power of AI, Musicfy empowers users to create high-quality, copyright-free music quickly and easily. With features like AI voice generation, text-to-music, and voice-to-instrument, Musicfy is a must-have tool for aspiring musicians or producers. Get started with Musicfy's AI voice generator today and unlock a world of creative possibilities!

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Use AI to create music with your voice and Leverage the latest in AI technology to supercharge your music.

Use AI to create music with your voice and Leverage the latest in AI technology to supercharge your music.

Use AI to create music with your voice and Leverage the latest in AI technology to supercharge your music.

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Use AI to create music with your voice and Leverage the latest in AI technology to supercharge your music.

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